Our lesson plans provide teachers with a structured roadmap for leading physical and emotional workouts in the classroom. 

NaliniKIDS provides curriculum that is unique to each of our books. These lesson plans are a great way to tailor your NaliniKIDS block to what best suits your students. As a NaliniTEACHER, you may find you like to use the lessons plans as provided, or you might like to add on – it's completely up to you.

Curriculum comes in two forms: SEL discussion prompts and subject-specific lesson plans which help students connect the SEL lessons they learn to many different aspects of life and study. Subject areas covered include art, ELA, health, math, science, and social studies. SEL curriculum is aligned to CASEL's core SEL competencies and all subject-specific curriculum is aligned to both the Common Core and CASEL's core SEL competencies.

Curious how to bring NaliniKIDS to your classrom?

Curious how to bring NaliniKIDS to your classrom?

Curious how to bring NaliniKIDS to your classrom?

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